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Rhino-Fittings™ logo
Diagram showing Rhino-Fittings™ usage in an underground mine

Ultra heavy-duty grade ducting

RHINO-FITTINGS™ are a system of flexible, ultra heavy-duty duct fittings which are fully integrable into our other product ranges. It’s a robust and high wear duct that is able to withstand very high operating pressures and greater wear and tear.

Many mines use the RHINO-FITTINGS™ grade as an alternative to high cost rigid or semi-rigid ducting. Not only is it a fraction of the cost, but it is also much quicker to install, maintain and transport due to its layflat type ducting construction.

In critical and long term areas where downtime affects production, it’s critical to install ducting that lasts. We often receive feedback that our RHINO-FITTINGS™ last 5 to 8 time longer than standard flexible ducting.

Available in diametres from 300mm (12”) to 2400mm (95”).


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