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Our commitment to the planet – using safer and recyclable plastics

Ventilation bags ready for recycling
Ventilation bags are made from 100% recyclable polymers

The, increasing regulatory pressure, high cost of Landfill and an escalating level of stakeholder pressure has pushed the mining industry to re-think its approaches to environmental sensitivity and social practices.

The obligation is on suppliers to the industry to support this commitment.

Sustainable and Recyclable material polymers

Ventilation ducting is made from a combination of high and low density Polyethylene based polymers. Polyethylene is fully recyclable material, unlike traditional PVC based polymers which are sometimes used in the manufacture of Ventilation Ducting.

Did you know that 100% of Manufacturing waste is Recycled?

In 2019, we commenced a Recycling Program for all waste materials in manufacturing. Waste material is now converted into raw polymer form and reused in the manufacturing of building products and other low cost consumables.

Every year, ventilation ducting contributes significantly to environmental wastage from both sites and landfill, this is something we are committed to changing.

We are in the process of replicating this success, and developing a cost effective and sustainable recycling system for used product.


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