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Inline Smart-Choke™ open

Inline Smart-Choke™ closed

As part of the TURBO-DUKT™ ventilation ducting system, we have developed the integrated Inline Smart-Choke™ for fast and effective control of ventilation air. The Inline Smart-Choke™ can be activated by an operator on the ground in a matter of seconds to open and close ducting and direct air to active headings.

Less air leakage

100% effective seal allowing the air to get to where it needs to go with significantly less wasted leakage.

Fast and Simple

Activates instantaneously while fans are running. No IT’s required to unchoke jammed ropes.

Better heat management

Many mines have provided feedback on being able to manage heat better by being able to direct air to where it needs to go.

More profitable mining

More air directed at the active headings reduces re-entry times.


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