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Manufacturers of World Class Ventilation Ducting Systems
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Delivering Ventilation Air to mine workings at the lowest cost per m3/s
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Ventilation that supports fast paced mine development and production

Designing and Manufacturing best practice underground
Ventilation Ducting (Vent bag & other Vent ducting) systems

Who We Are

Who We Are?

AC Industries is a specialist manufacturer of Ventilation Duct systems with over 30 years’ experience in Ventilating mining & tunnelling projects


We design & make what we sell because quality and reliability helps mines to be more productive

Global Supply Partner

AC Industries is an established supplier to mining regions globally. Reliability of supply is key to successful long-term partnerships


90+ Underground
mining operations globally


7km of seam welded
ducting per day


3x High capacity & technologically advanced production lines


Separate In-house Q/A and airflow performance testing facilities