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Our Story

Who we are

We Specialise in Ventilation Ducting – Do it Right!

AC Industries is a leading OEM manufacturer and global supplier of high quality and flexible ventilation ducting systems to the mining and tunnelling industries.

We have been successfully ventilating mining and tunnelling projects for over 30 years and cover key aspects of the supply chain including design, engineering support, manufacturing, and distribution.

Ventilation ducting is a critical part of the ventilation system in any underground project. We believe the importance of quality ventilation systems as a critical support system of any mine to improve mine safety, productivity, and operating efficiency.


We make what we sell because quality in the Ventilation Ducting system affects mine productivity and safety.

Over 10 years ago, we invested significantly in high capacity and technologically advanced seam welding machinery to be able to consistently manufacture quality, best practice products.

We currently operate with three production lines, producing up to 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) of straight ducting and hundreds of duct fittings per day.

We also have materials testing program and duct airflow testing capability which allows us to consistently improve.

Innovation is one of our most important values. Our research and development team are continuously focussed on creating new solutions to optimise mine productivity for sites globally.

Global Reach & Local Support

AC Industries is partnered with over 90 mines and top tier mining companies in many of the predominant mining regions globally.

Whilst we believe in consolidated manufacturing to ensure quality; we also know that reliable and consistent supply is crucial no matter how close or remote the mine is located.

Over the past 30 years, we have created a continually expanding global network, consisting of multiple supply hubs and an experienced shipping team. This includes supporting local economies where we can.


AC Industries is a leading specialist OEM and Global partner of Quality & Energy-efficient underground Ventilation Ducting systems. To discover how we can support your operation, get in touch with us today.